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20/20 Hindsight Overreactions, Etc. – 11/1/2021

Let’s all rejoice over a Carolina Panthers win while lamenting over a “bad beat” from my football picks. I also have thoughts on the undefeated jerks and more.

Welcome back, rascals.

I hope you had a great weekend, both sports-wise and otherwise.

I’m starting to get hang of this blogging software. So much so that I figured out how to incorporate page breaks into this entry.

Whoa — fancy, huh?

Undefeated Jerks

I was captivated by something Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon said 3 years ago.

He elected not to renew the contract of longtime radio announcer (and fan-favorite!) Chuck Kaiton, and fans were understandably upset.

Change sucks, yanno?

Still, Dundon basically said that if the Hurricanes can spend that money on scouting/personnel development, the team will be better for it.

A notoriously cheap guy, myself, I agree(d) with the argument.

As much as we loved Kaiton’s calls, his presence on air would have no effect on the Hurricanes win-loss stats.

Scouting and player/personnel development would have an effect on W/Ls.

A similar scenario would repeat itself a year later when long time TV play-by-play guy, John Forsland would be asked to take a “pandemic-related” pay cut.

You know, because it made complete business sense.

Forsland didn’t want to take a pay cut, so Dundon let Forsland walk.

Fans were all up in arms about it. Hell, we have a local sports radio host still in his feelings over it.

Yet, here we are, and…

The Carolina Hurricanes are 8-0-0

Folks were up in arms over the DeAngelo signing. Upset that we let “Ned” walk. In our feelings because we let Dougie Hamilton move on.


The current broadcasting duo is competent and good.

The new goalie has a GAA just over 1, and peeking over at Detroit, “Ned”s GAA is over 3.

Can’t get to 82-0-0 without starting 8-0-0“, the aforementioned sports radio host likely stated on today’s show.


I hope we can all appreciate what Tom Dundon and GM Don Waddell are doing in Raleigh to keep the Hurricanes competitive in a small market.

What’s even crazier is, Yours Truly is talking about professional hockey like he would college and pro football.

Speaking of that…

Full size logo - Apex Preds

Fantasy Hockey Update

My fantasy team, The Apex Predators, is 20-11-5 (45 pts) after three weeks of head-to-head match-ups in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey.

Yeah, right? How is this happening? Especially for a guy who’s last foray into anything “fantasy sports” was well over a decade ago.

Each week, we have a head-to-head match-up where we earn wins/losses/ties in the following stats:

G (Goals)
A (Assists)
+/- (Plus/Minus)
PIM (Penalty Minutes)
PPP (Power Play Points)
SOG (Shots on Goal)
FW (Faceoffs Won)
BLK (Blocks)
W (Goalie Wins)
GA (Goalie Goals Allowed -- less is better)
SV (Goalie Saves)
SHO (Shutouts)

I never imagined I’d take to Fantasy Hockey, but boy is it fun trying to manage a club and sweat each week hoping my goalies hold up.