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Braves Win, Football Picks, Etc. – 11/5/2021

Despite the struggles on the football picks, I will not give up. That kinda sounds like the Carolina Panthers.

Plus, another look at Soler’s HR as the Braves win!

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20/20 Hindsight Overreactions, Etc. – 11/1/2021

Let’s all rejoice over a Carolina Panthers win while lamenting over a “bad beat” from my football picks. I also have thoughts on the undefeated jerks and more.

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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc – 10/15/2021

Welcome back, Rascals!! Normally, this space is (mostly) dedicated to College Football and NFL picks. We’ll get there real soon — if you’re itching to see a man fall on his face yet again, click here. Similarly, if you are wondering how my IT Week went, here you go! Maestro’s Music Box I’m pleased to […]