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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc – 10/8/2021

Welcome to another weekend in sports!

Check out my blog piece from last week –there’s still time, and it’s good reading!

The Fantasy Hockey League draft that I told you was last Sunday? I was wrong. It’s this coming Sunday

I was god-awful last weekend with my college and NFL picks — as well as my insight into making said picks.

College Picks last week: 1-2

I salvaged a point with Syracuse covering +6.5 in Tallahassee. I really thought the Orange would win, however, they suddenly forgot how to tackle.

NFL Picks last week: 1-2

The one spot I was correct was in believing the Rams would be flat against the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s the tally, to-date:

College Picks, after 5 weeks: 8-7
NFL Picks, after 4 weeks: 6-6

My Week In IT

My colleagues and I launched a new version of our Libraries’ Staff Directory.


  • Three(3) months of porting our Drupal 7 home-brewed module into a full-fledged Ruby-on-Rails application
  • Making sure to preserve the existing database, while incorporating Rails (ActiveRecord) modifications
  • Runs fully inside a Docker container (I can hear the, “but why not Kubernetes?” questions – I may rant on that in another blog)

I work with some of the greatest web developers on the planet. So much so that it’s easy for me to focus on the backend infrastructure/architecture — Docker/VM, Ansible, Apache, Shibboleth — the stuff I’ve learned to love over the last 7 years.

Up Next

I’m getting ready to stand up a Bitnami Drupal 9 container on one of our VMs — probably when I’m done typing this blog post.

ACC Football Hot Takes

You know I have ’em, so here goes…

Boston College

If you’re going to be an upper echelon program, ya’ gotta execute at all phases of the game — including the shotgun QB/Center exchange.

That’s how close Clemson was to being eliminated from Atlantic Division contention.

#19 Wake Forest, huh?

Alrighty then — I’m excited to see the Deacs make a push for the Atlantic Division title.

The Deacs a very pesky game tomorrow at Syracuse.

How much do they have left in the “emotional” tank after surviving a huge challenge from Louisville?

#23 NC State

Games like last week’s Louisiana Tech game should be played either during the spring (that’s a novel idea) or the game of the season.

If you play Louisiana Tech as the home opener, at least you get the excitement of “the start of college football”.

You need that in the absence of “bragging rights”.

Playing this game after beating Clemson meant one thing — the players were going to be “flat” as my favorite pancake.

These kids know:

  • if they beat La. Tech, “great” — has no bearing on the ACC title chase,
  • if they lose, “crap” — but, it has no bearing on the ACC title chase.


Seeing the rise of Wake Forest’s program is really exposing how much Duke has fallen off in the last 4 years.

You could count on Duke being solid in the trenches, with enough QB play to win 6-7 games.


College Football Playoff Top Four

  1. Alabama
  2. Georgia
  3. Penn State
  4. Oklahoma

I think, assuming Bama/Georgia play in the SEC title game — the winner is the top-seed, and loser is the 4-seed.

Random fan – “What about Cincinnati?”

ME: “Well, what about ’em?”

“They beat a ranked Notre Dame team — AND you were SO wrong about the pick, you should just stop writing a blog!”

“Yes, I was wrong. And I’m impressed with how they played at Notre Dame. Great win.”

“So, will you give them some love?”

“I just did.”

The following teams will have a better shot at reaching the playoff:

  • Penn State
  • Michigan
  • Ohio State, if they beat those other two + Iowa in the Big Ten title game
  • Iowa

Cincy’s best CFP scenario is:

  • Run the table
  • Schedule an “on-the-fly” game @ #15 Coastal Carolina and win
    (I kid)
  • Oklahoma loses twice
  • BYU loses once
  • A 1-loss West Division team wins the Big Ten

Football Picks

College Football Picks, Week 6

Current record: 8-7

PENN STATE (+1.5) at Iowa

VIRGINIA TECH (PK) vs Notre Dame

FSU (+17.5) at North Carolina

Mack Brown (as UNC head coach) has never beaten Florida State.

Who’s the only UNC head coach to beat Florida State in Chapel Hill?

I’ll have the answer after the NFL Picks.

NFL Picks, Week 5

Current record: 6-6

VIKINGS (-10) vs Lions
(That’s how little I think of the Matt Stafford Jared Goff-led Lions)


N.Y. GIANTS (+7) at Dallas
(Giants always play Dallas tough/close in Jerry-world)

Trivia Time

North Carolina has only one(1) home win vs. Florida State. You’d think Mack Brown would have one… nope.

Show of hands if you were in Kenan Memorial Stadium the night Mack Brown had his best chance to beat FSU at home…


Both Butch Davis and Larry Fedora have a road win against FSU.

Amazingly, the answer is “John Bunting”.

I’m out of time, my friends — I have a Drupal 9 container to stand up.

Enjoy the weekend, and I hope your team wins — unless you’re an Eagles or Broncos fan.