Journey Project Music

Gotcha… Again

Rarely seen footage of ‘gray’ on my crown. Time to shave…

What does one do when trying to figure out how to keep occupied these days…

How about re-producing a track from my “Journey” project…?

Slowly and surely, I’m starting to take “Journey” tracks produced with Reason 10 and revisiting them using Cakewalk.

Currently, I’ve been working on revisiting “Gotcha” — the first song on the project (when it finally drops!).

Here’s the current version, recorded in 2018 (shortly after “The Maestro Project” was released):

That’s a pretty good arrangement, actually.

New Toys

That said, I’ve adopted some new (or different) approaches, including a return to using Cakewalk as the DAW of choice (in lieu of not wanting to pony up $$ for a Reason 11 upgrade). FWIW, my approaches to arranging and production differ between Cakewalk and Reason

Additionally, I’ve added the following “toys” to my production toychest since August 2018:

  • Scarbee Funk Guitarist
  • Session Guitarist (Strummed Acoustic & Electric Sunburst)
  • SSL Native Plugins
  • Massive X
  • Yamaha MODX7

With these additions, coupled with the pandemic “pause”, it seemed like a good idea to revisit the track, seeing what changes could emerge in an effort to make the track more appealing.

MOMENT OF REFLECTION / One of my biggest flaws is trying to be too much of a “musician” when producing, instead of using “music” to produce musical art.

So far, this new arrangement includes:

  • Alto sax melody line
  • Rhythm guitar (electric)
  • Sampled drum hits (from Battery 4’s collection)
  • Use of SSL FlexVerb plugin

It’s getting “there” and I like what I’m hearing so far.

Completely unrelated to the music-theme of this post — this is how my workspace looks in Cakewalk: