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20/20 Hindsight Overreactions, Etc. – 11/1/2021

Let’s all rejoice over a Carolina Panthers win while lamenting over a “bad beat” from my football picks. I also have thoughts on the undefeated jerks and more.

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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc. – 9/24/2021

Welcome to another weekend in sports! I’m happy to have you reading once again. Thank you. I apologize for not delivering the goods last week as I went: 1-2 on College Picks, and 1-2 on NFL picks My Week in IT I have successfully packaged a Bitnami Drupal 9 image in a Docker container, complete […]

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Derrek’s Official ACC Tourney Picks, 2020

Who is Derrek? Why is he making ACCT predictions (2-0 so far)? More importantly, will he have the good sense to pick your favorite team (aka ‘the correct team’)?