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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc – 10/15/2021

Welcome back, Rascals!! Normally, this space is (mostly) dedicated to College Football and NFL picks. We’ll get there real soon — if you’re itching to see a man fall on his face yet again, click here. Similarly, if you are wondering how my IT Week went, here you go! Maestro’s Music Box I’m pleased to […]

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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc – 10/8/2021

Welcome to another weekend in sports! Check out my blog piece from last week –there’s still time, and it’s good reading! … The Fantasy Hockey League draft that I told you was last Sunday? I was wrong. It’s this coming Sunday … I was god-awful last weekend with my college and NFL picks — as […]

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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc. – 9/10/2021

This week’s blog features “Hot Takes” from Week 1 in College Football, “Picks for Week 2 (ATS)”, and NFL picks. The scene in Blacksburg, VA, last Friday, reminded us of all the things we missed about college football in the ACC — packed stadiums and “Coastal Chaos”. Welcome (back!) to another week of College Football […]

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Football Picks, Sports Thoughts, Etc – 9/3/2021

ACC football picks, along with other thoughts from week 1.