The Journey to Producing “Journey”

My excitement is building as I inch closer to releasing a new music project in the not-so-distant future.

I released “The Maestro Project” in July 2018 and (for the most part) the project was successful. It also provided a great foundation as I continue the practice of music production. It is from this foundation that I embarked on a new…


I heard something in “Dance Your Day Away” – a vocal run that I liked, and felt I could build upon.

With that, I reached out to a long-time mentor and started taking vocal coaching (or lessons), with emphasis on confidence and breathing. Confidence started to build.

I started to really enjoy my “voice”. Never thought I’d type these words. It even got to the place were I found myself singing “Blue Skies” before an audience that included my (then) fiancee.

A goal for “Journey” was to explore the limits (or limitations) of my “singing persona”, with these initial assumptions:

  • My vocal style is not suited for gospel music
    (odd, given how much of my musical expression is based in it)
  • My vocal style, however, may be well-suited for pop and/or country music

From the “music production” side:

I paid several visits to my “production mentor’s” studio for a retreat of sorts – each day we would listen to current-day production styles. We also took a drive listening to “The Maestro Project”. To my mild surprise, he was happy with the production.

While he did call me to task on some mixing/panning matters, he seemed to have no concerns around my vocals.

We took some time to study current-day production styles (pop, R&B), drooled over the fella who played piano for Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood, and spent time preparing a track I hoped to submit for one of his main artists.

While he went to work, I watched. Made mental notes. Went home each day and started song files, sketching out ideas.

The journey was on.


I recorded this catchy jazz track named “Gotcha” several years ago and wanted to include it on “The Maestro Project” in its original form, I decided against it because it didn’t feel a good fit.

However, it was a good song for which to begin the “Journey” project, so I started with an empty song, thought about all I observed during this “retreat”, and started creating…

What follows “Gotcha” is a beautiful collection of music that I’m really proud of.

I took the “production” and “mix” lessons to heart.

I found a happy place with my singing persona.

I found a reason to write lyrics, and I actually talked her into recording a song.

I rediscovered a horn section.
To this day, I can’t believe I released an 11-song project that didn’t include a horn section in any of the tracks.

I produced some impressive music with Reason 10 (Propellerhead), only to switch gears and return to my old standard – Cakewalk. Then I produced some impressive music with Cakewalk.

If you are one of the 10 people who remember something called “Blacktop” that I created back in 2003, you’ll love this.

If you’re one of the people who enjoyed the last CD, you’ll love this.